The Red Cross vestiboutic in Poitiers

The Red Cross vestiboutic in Poitiers

The Red Cross vestiboutic in Poitiers

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It's a boutique like no other that is for everyone.In Poitiers, the vestibout of the French Red Cross offers clothes for men, women and children, and accessories at low prices.

This solidarity store restores the clothes given which are in good condition.The Red Cross claims both a solidarity (low prices) and ecological (unsold or second -hand clothes) approach).

What becomes of clothes deposited at vestiboutique?If they are in good condition, they go through the stage a washing and ironing before finding their place on the shelves.If they cannot be sold, they are given to Audacie, an insertion structure by the Economic Activity which recycles textiles.

La vestiboutique de la Croix-Rouge à Poitiers

Vestiboutique can also offer clothing to adults or children on proof of a social worker.

Your clothes no longer go to you, do you want to renew your wardrobe?Think of the Red Cross vestiboutic.The money collected by the sale of clothing and accessories helps to finance actions of the Red Cross.

Vestiboutique de la Croix Rouge française - 9, rue Lavoisier - Poitiers - 05 49 41 19 42

During pandemic period, the store is open on Tuesdays and Thursday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and strictly applies all the health rules in force.