The mask can be "a message of color, like a smile" according to a Creator of Ile -de -France

The mask can be "a message of color, like a smile" according to a Creator of Ile -de -France

The mask can be "a message of color, like a smile" according to a Creator of Ile -de -France

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ParThomas Giraudeau, France Bleu Paris

While wearing the mask is again compulsory outside, at the beginning of 2022, in a large part of the Île-de-France, Parisians choose original, flowery or very colorful patterns, toStart and show a line of their personality.

The designer made around fifty different, washable, and labeled AFNOR and category 1. Printed cotton masks filter at least 90% of microparticles, as much as surgical masks.

Le masque peut être

Anne Elisabeth says she has sold several thousand, including a number with her clients abroad, in the United States and even in Australia.

A mask, beautiful or original, is "like a smile, we want to know who hides behind, who is the person who wears it," said the Ile -de -France designer."Imagine when the weather is not good. The bitumen, the gray leading sky and the black changing rooms. _Un mask can be a ray of sunshine! _"

"The surgical, I can no longer see it in painting"

In front of the entrance to the Pompidou museum, Stéphanie thus sports a khaki green mask, matching her coat."I work in the hospital, so the surgical mask, a pale blue that you wear, I can no longer see it in painting!", She explains."So when I go out, that I do museum visits, _I put others, more original, colorful_. Even if it is forced to wear them, as much as they are nice."

They allow you to "create a link, we are asked where we found it, why we put it", assure Charline and Mathilde, blue and black flower masks.The two young women have five or six different at home, some "with glitter"."During the holidays, I saw a number of people with Christmas masks," says Mathilde.

Cyril wanted to "adapt this compulsory regulation to [his] identity", and tries to put one in agreement with his outfit.But this Parisian forties does not consider the mask as a fashion accessory.This would mean that he "entered the customs, and especially that it should be worn for years," he said.

Likewise for the designer Anne Elisabeth who admits to prefer to make scarves, scarves and dresses rather than masks.