Christmas series.Festive tables, the happiness of doing yourself

Christmas series.Festive tables, the happiness of doing yourself

Christmas series.Festive tables, the happiness of doing yourself

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Driftwood, ribbons, fabric falls, cork caps, everything is good when you have imagination and talent to make pretty decorative items.Myriam thus enjoys each year around a theme."Last year, I kept all the cork bottles of wine bottles, and I imagined my Christmas decoration around this material.I had made a crèche, fir trees, characters"".

This year, this mother has chosen to work from woolen pompoms of all colors.Fir trees, crowns have pretty curves thanks to matching ribbons."Once, she recalls, I imagined circles of towels and covered doors on the theme of the Coat of Papa Noël and the dress of Mother Christmas.Everything was meticulously cut, assembled and sewn from tiny patterns: the pants button, the miniature belt""....Each guest had its personalized cover.

Imaginative, personalized and inexpensive

Very personal, unique and inexpensive decorative elements."I look a lot on the internet, I get right and left, and I add my personal touch.We can imagine everything, I go on the beach to pick up driftwood, it makes me feel crazy, and my female dog loves!From wood and fabrics, ribbons, I make crowns and small fir trees that adorn the table.""

Série de Noël. Les tables de fête, le bonheur de faire soi-même

For Myriam, making is both a happiness and personal satisfaction.She distributes to her colleagues, her family, her friends.""Quand je suis invitée, j'offre des cadeaux réalisés en fonction du goût de chacun, à partir de ce que je connais chez la personne"".

But the magic of Christmas, for her, is above all an atmosphere.""Outre le repas qui doit être élaboré, j'aime que mes invités soient surpris d'emblée par une ambiance chaleureuse, par une table hors du commun.That they are greeted by an atmosphere of well-being.I have a concern for detail and personalizing each cover is a special attention paid to each.They are sensitive.I like that they are happy and for me, it is a personal satisfaction to see that they are dumbfounded in front of the work around each plate, the concern for each detail ".

Meticulous work, carried out during long months before the holiday season.The taste of the handmade is very fashionable, we know that it allows to decompress after work, because, by the required concentration and the slower pace of this type of task, it makes the pressure of the busy days relax.And then, boost self -esteem while bringing happiness around you is not to be overlooked.Make your own Christmas decorations, it doesn't seem like that, but what does it feel good!