Child protection employees, taken up by the Red Cross, worried about their future

Child protection employees, taken up by the Red Cross, worried about their future

Child protection employees, taken up by the Red Cross, worried about their future

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They are worried about their future.Thirty child protection employees mobilized this Tuesday morning, in Tours, to exchange around the resumption of the Verdier Foundation, their former employer, by the Red Cross.A resumption acted since July 1, but whose conditions are still vague and concern these social workers.

A change of disadvantageous collective agreement for employees

""""""""We have no information on remuneration, on what the Red Cross will bring us concretely, nor to the becoming for kids.We do not know """""""", regrets Thibaud Robin, educator specializing in the Cap'Ados system.The only thing with sure the 150 employees are the change in collective agreement: from the 66 Convention with the Verdier Foundation, they are now going to the Red Cross Convention 51.

This change is being negotiated, before entering into force next September.But the employees of the former Verdier Foundation believe they are not associated with these negotiations.""""""""The procedures are followed in a clear and transparent way, and everything is going well,"""""""" replies Véronique Folch, departmental director of the Red Cross in Indre-et-Loire.

Unions also point to the loss of certain advantages, with this new convention.""""""""We should lose in seniority leave, in quarterly leave, and the points of Sundays and holidays will be less well paid,"""""""" said Romual Le Doledec, specialized educator and union representative at South Social Social Social.

Already difficult working conditions on a daily basis

""""""""It is a commodification of social work, the goal is that it costs the cheapest possible,"""""""" he denounces.Consequence: a lesser attraction for the profession.""""""""We can no longer recruit anymore.We hire unplômed or little graduate people, and inevitably, it has consequences on care and it could bring mistreatment.""""""""

Working and reception conditions for young people who could therefore be degraded, while they are already complicated currently.Ophélie Titon, family assistant, has been welcoming a 13 -year -old girl since September.It has € 14.60 of daily allowances for daily costs.Insufficient. """"""""Régulièrement, on est obligé de prendre sur notre compte personnel pour les frais de nourriture, par exemple.The clothes too, I gave him things that I no longer wore.We have to give our pocket in addition.""""""""

The ends of month are also difficult. """"""""Le salaire n'est malheureusement pas énorme.It is below the minimum wage, 1.170€ nets par mois, pour un travail quasiment 7 jours sur 7, 24 heures sur 24"""""""", raconte-t-elle.The family assistant hopes to see his working conditions improve. """"""""Sinon, ce sont les jeunes accompagnés qui vont en pâtir.""""""""

The thirty employees mobilized then found themselves in the streets of Tours this Tuesday afternoon, for a national event of social work employees.They demand better working conditions, better recognition and the premium segur.