Astrology: which sneakers correspond to you according to your sign?

Astrology: which sneakers correspond to you according to your sign?

Astrology: which sneakers correspond to you according to your sign?

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By Lahela Bouaziz

Looking for a new pair of sneakers? Why not opt ​​for the one that corresponds to your astrological sign? We tell you everything!

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In recent years, sneakers have become everywhere: they are the most popular pair of shoes. The brands all have one or two flagship models that everyone is snapping up! Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Force 1 '07, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star... Not sure which pair to buy? Here are the ones that suit you best according to your astrological sign!

Aries - Adidas Ozweego

Rams are always very active and run around all day between their different appointments. This is why the Adidas Ozweego, which are particularly comfortable in addition to having a sporty look, will be perfect for people of this astrological sign.

Taurus - Nike Air Force 1 '07

Taurus are rather stable and need guidance. They therefore need a pair of simple and effective basketball shoes. The Nike Air Force 1 '07 are thus ideal since they are white, sober and above all very popular! Wearing them, Taurus will not be lost and will not be afraid to take a wrong step.

Gemini - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic High Top

Geminis have a hard time trusting people and can be easily distressed, which is why they need sneakers that have never disappointed anyone like the high-top Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic. If those that we find the most in the street are black or white, they exist in multiple colors or with different patterns, which can appeal to Gemini who are also great artists.

Cancer - New Balance 574

Cancers are lost if they have no bearings and are afraid of the unknown. They will therefore be satisfied with the New Balance 574 which have been appreciated for several years. They will prefer sober colors such as white, gray or even brown, but some may opt for colors that are not too flashy.

Leo - Adidas Stan Smith

These are the most popular sneakers: Adidas Stan Smiths have been everywhere for several years! Indeed, we all know someone who has a pair. This is why this pair of shoes is ideal for the lion which is undoubtedly the most popular zodiac sign. The personalities of this sign are solar, charismatic and radiate just like this basketball, we cannot appreciate it any more!

Virgo - Puma Cali

Astrologie : quelles baskets vous correspondent en fonction de votre signe ?

Virgo personalities are very stable and organized. They do not particularly like originality and prefer simple, but effective things. That's why Puma Cali sneakers are ideal! They are quite sober without being the ones that everyone adopts and will go with everything to be dressed easily and quickly.

Libra - Converse Run Star Motion

Libras are particularly open-minded and atypical people. They therefore need a pair of sneakers that stands out from the others. The Converse Run Star Motion are perfect since they do not go unnoticed. In black, they already have their little effect, but Libras also like color and can buy them in green or orange for even more originality.

Scorpion - Fila Disruptor Low

With the Scorpions, you don't always know which foot to dance on! Their character is not always easy to pin down: they sometimes seem sweet and quiet, but their reactions are sometimes exaggerated. They therefore need a slightly original pair of shoes like the Fila Disruptor Low. They will be able to opt for the white or the multicolored ones according to their moods!

Sagittarius - Vans Old Skool

Sagittarians are very sociable personalities and are appreciated by people... Just like the Vans who have been unanimous for more than 10 years! In addition, Sagittarians do not like adventure and prefer to opt for sure values. The Vans Old Skool have proved to buyers that they do not disappoint and will therefore be perfect for people of this zodiac sign.

Capricorn - Alexander Mcqueen

Capricorns are particularly ambitious and that's why Alexander Mcqueen sneakers are perfect for them. Very sober, they were able to impose themselves and cause a stir at a certain price without differing much from the other pairs already sold on the market. Moreover, Capricorns are known to be materialistic and in this sense they prefer to buy things that are not given.

Aquarius - Buffalo CLD Corin

Aquarius personalities are independent and free. In this sense, they need to break the codes and that is why they need different sneakers from those that everyone else wears. In addition, Aquarians love modernity. The Buffalo CLD Corin which have an avant-garde shape are thus perfect for people of this sign.

Fish - Veja URCA CWL

Pisces are particularly gentle and sensitive and thus take care of others. This is why the Veja URCA CWL which are made of vegan material and thus respectful of the environment suit them perfectly. By wearing them, Pisces do nothing but good and they are, moreover, quite sober which is perfect for the personalities of this sign since they are not fans of originality.

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