Backpack: how to choose it well and wear it with style?

Backpack: how to choose it well and wear it with style?

Backpack: how to choose it well and wear it with style?

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College girls and globetrotters have loved it for a long time. Thanks to its adjustable straps, tote format and multipockets, the backpack has become the most practical bag to use when traveling and looking for comfort. But now, for the past few seasons, fashion has gotten involved and is also interested in him. Few designers, luxury houses and brands do not have one or more backpack models in their line of leather goods. Result: already identified as a wardrobe basic, the backpack has now become a top fashion accessory for fall-winter 2021-2022.

Why wear a backpack?

We see you coming: why succumb to the comfort of a backpack when you can dress up with a state-of-the-art Pouch bag to carry at arm's length? It's not totally wrong. But at a time when everything is accelerating, when nomadism, telecommuting, coworking and soft mobility are changing our relationship to the city and to others, we now have to think about our look according to all these changes.

And honestly, who better than the backpack to carry our laptops without having to saw our shoulders unnecessarily? Who better than him to get on his bike without being unbalanced by a dangling shoulder bag? And finally, what could be more practical than its countless pockets and compartments that save time when looking for your keys or mobile phone? And if the fashion influencers have all already adopted it, why deprive yourself of it any longer?

What type of women's backpack to choose?

Sac à dos : comment bien le choisir et le porter avec style ?

It's all about style and personal taste. Have you given up on public transport and only swear by the bike in town to get around? The compact models with well-separated compartments and preferably in waterproof fabric are yours. Eastpak, Fjälläven, Rains and Herschell are among the favorite brands of the most fashionable cyclists today. With their color palette and their different formats, it is impossible not to find what you are looking for among these 4 brands.

For those who prefer to play the femininity card, there are bags from leather goods brands that play with the quality of their leather to upgrade the backpack with great material effects (crocodile style at San Marina, nubuck style at the designer Mila Louise or couture style at Le Petit Cartel). Between the two, you will find at Zara and consort lots of models that make their small impression at low prices with quilted fabrics, graphic cuts and flashy models.

How to wear a backpack while remaining stylish?

Because the backpack will never compete with the charm of a bucket bag that swings with each step, it is important to think about its total look. The most "working girl" association? A trouser suit in the season's trendy colors with a black leather (or faux leather) backpack enhanced with a pair of loafers and it's the guarantee of a look that works every time! Good too: the long colored coats that draw even better the cut of the backpacks. Dynamic look guaranteed!

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