Decorative tips to arrange a cocooning and warm industrial fair

Decorative tips to arrange a cocooning and warm industrial fair

Decorative tips to arrange a cocooning and warm industrial fair

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Avec tout ce temps passé enfermé chez soi, comme quoi on est devenu un pro en plusieurs domaines de la vie. Le design d’intérieur n’en fait pas exception. Pour rendre son intérieur plus agréable, on se lance alors de plus en plus souvent à scruter les tendances. C’est ainsi qu’on tombe sur une solution maline et réussie pour donner du caractère à son domicile. Ce qu’on vous suggère là, c’est le mix des styles. Si vous êtes enclins donc aux aventures décoratrices, on vous invite à examiner ensemble comment réaliser une déco de salon industriel cocooning. Une solution phare pour profiter d’une ambiance à la fois accueillante et authentique.Astuces déco pour aménager un salon industriel cocooning et chaleureux Astuces déco pour aménager un salon industriel cocooning et chaleureux

Opt for a cocooning industrial living room decor to enjoy the best of two trends

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Par quoi la déco de salon industriel cocooning se distingue-t-elle ?

It is in short a harmonious cohabitation between raw elements and gentle accents.The goal is to establish an atmosphere that is both particular and welcoming, to give character to space without depriving it of heat and light.To find out how to get such a rendering, above all, you have to take a magnifying glass the essential features of each of the two styles.And then, we give you some tips how to combine them in a balanced and chic way.

Start the transformation project by first inquiring about the particular characteristics of the two styles

Industrial style furniture: the most popular alternatives

By thinking of industrial decor, the first elements that arise in mind, it is undoubtedly raw wood and metal furniture.Buffet in wooden pallets, coffee table on casters, metal cabinets, solid wood dresser ... And then, we turn to comfortable and timeless seats, especially the sofas and the leather club armchairs.

Raw metal and wood furniture is the flagship element of industrial decor

What are our allies to create a cocooning atmosphere?

In a hearth, these are the small decorative touches that completely transform the atmosphere.To instill a cocooning note to any room, soft materials and neutral colors are to be preferred.We mainly talk about cushions and faux fur carpets, big knit or hook plaids.Wooded or vegetable fiber accessories are also very suitable for warming up the atmosphere.

Astuces déco pour aménager un salon industriel cocooning et chaleureux

And then, how do we create an ultra cozy and welcoming atmosphere?

The flagship elements in the industrial wall decoration

Regarding the design of the walls, the red brick coating is undoubtedly the star of traditional solutions.The concrete wall, meanwhile, also makes an essential part of the Factory decor.In terms of captivating objects: gears, metal trays, glass mirrors, clocks with cogs and also apparent pipes are all welcome.

Another distinctive element, these are concrete or red brick walls

The importance of light in an industrial style living room

Light plays an essential role in interior design.To soften an industrial loft, you also have to think about the appropriate lighting.The installation of several lighting sources is indeed a popular tip to counter raw design.You can for example add a few white or wood lamps for an elegant and soft finish.Hanging light garlands and decorating the LED candles space is also another possible alternative.Another clever thing is the addition of mirrors to visually illuminate the space, especially if they are placed next to the windows.

Light is an essential factor on the final rendering

Modern industrial living room decor

Industrial style is currently one of the flagship trends in the decor.However, we see it revisited and softened by a modern note, even minimalist.What's more, the Factory spirit is no longer reserved only for loft spaces.It is found in new and contemporary buildings, integrated in a more subtle and natural way.Need Inspo?Let's analyze contemporary design together on the following photo.We can see the characteristic features of the industrial style, in particular the walls and the ceiling with a waxed concrete effect.There are still black accents and metal canopies.Meanwhile, the modern choice of furniture in light shades and the column dressed in Ton Rose Gold bring a fresh, elegant and cozy note.

Modern and traditional combining a canon result

The mix of styles in the interior

Today, we are no longer happy with a single style for the decor of his home.Indeed, in recent years, there is a strong interest in the mix of styles.An approach that results in an even more unique and particular atmosphere.Is that an idea that tempts you?Let's see below the most successful and popular combinations regarding the development of an industrial fair.

A thousand and one fascinating combinations for a decor that is out of the ordinary

Industrial and rustic decor show

Styles mix is a common approach in interior design.Thus, we come across the perfect combo between industrial and rustic trends.To offer ourselves a singular design that comes out of the ordinary, we therefore do not hesitate to mix elements of the two styles.An approach which on the other hand is very simple to adopt.Just opt for some wooden furniture (for a rural cachet) and then add metal or black matt finish accents.The rendering is a harmonious decor swing perfectly between the dramatic side and the natural and warm atmosphere.

Warm atmosphere in an industrial living room with rustic and cocooning elements

The harmonious combo between industrial decoration and minimalist spirit

The minimalist design is installed in our daily life in several aspects.In terms of design, it is a truly appreciated and contemporary trend.However, we do not hesitate to mix it with other styles to obtain an impeccable rendering.The combo between minimalism and industrial style is therefore our first suggestion for the transformation of the show.The following photo is a fantastic example of this harmonious and soothing mixture.The ceiling and raw accents in anthracite gray naturally intertwine with white and wood to establish a soft but elegant atmosphere.The open design reminds us of the splendor of loft spaces.However, here we dress the interior with clear and cocooning shades instead of the typical brick or waxed concrete walls.

Minimalist living room decoration with industrial accents

Chic industrial style decoration idea with bohemian accents

Another successful wedding in decoration trends is the boho-industrial duo.To refine the monotonous look of the industrial living room, nothing easier than adding some refreshing elements, typical for bohemian style.A rattan chair, a few green plants, gentle cushions and macrame objects.And the rendering would be even better if for example we paint the typical wall in red bricks in white for example.

The bohemian style is invited in our contemporary interiors to bring an exotic note to it and we love it!

For a vintage side, we adopt the laundry brick walls

Modern and captivating design in this living room with dark walls

The sofa brings a cozy and chic touch to the modern industrial interior

Mix of industrial and rustic styles

Boho chic living room decoration with industrial accents

Some cousins and green plants are enough to completely soften the atmosphere