Survey: eco-responsible fashion is gaining ground with French influencers, but fast fashion still reigns

Survey: eco-responsible fashion is gaining ground with French influencers, but fast fashion still reigns

Survey: eco-responsible fashion is gaining ground with French influencers, but fast fashion still reigns

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In the world of fashion, social media replaces the vitrin lick of yesteryear, and influencers have become essential actors.Influence marketing is now a necessity to ensure the performance and success of brands.

In its report "State of Influence-Fashion", the leading Plackr influencer management platform lifts the veil on the various marketing campaigns for influenced, luxury, and ready-to-wear brands of clothing, and ready-to-wear.The objective is to compare the strategies of major brands and to study the different dynamics of influence in each of these categories.

This report therefore offers an overview of the strategies of 123 fashion brands on social networks between January and November 2019.Traackr has analyzed the number of collaborations with influencers, the number of mentions and the commitment rate over this period.The global classification of brands is also determined by comparing the respective Brand Vitality Score (VI) of each of the brands, thus measuring their visibility (litter of content), the impact (the commitment of hearings) and confidence in theBrand (brand image).

Eco-responsible fashion: the new revolution

The questions related to the environment have become a priority for consumers worldwide, and the fashion world is on the front line.The report reveals that, in 2019, the influencers' mentions, and the commitment around sustainable fashion has increased.

In France, the mentions relating to ethical fashion, in influencers, increased by 54 % between 2018 and 2019.The report also reveals an increase of 78% of the mentions in relation to the second -hand fashion.Consumers' interest in these questions is also felt;During this same period, commitment to sustainable fashion publications increased by 92 % and 221 % for so -called vintage fashion.

Enquête: la mode éco-responsable gagne du terrain auprès des influenceurs français, mais la Fast Fashion règne toujours

Fast Fashion is ultra-performance

Although ethical fashion is a hot topical subject, and influencers feel concerned by questions around sustainable development, the report shows that the success of ready-to-wear brands does not weaken.

Spew strategies in this category are particularly effective in their approach to influencers.Consumers want more eco-responsible fashion, but also want to have access to affordable clothing and collections of items renew continuously.

En France, Zara, H&M et Asos figurent parmi les 10 marques les plus influentes en 2019.They generate a large volume of mentions, and each benefit from high quality content put online by influencers with whom these brands associate. L’année dernière, en France, Zara, H&M et Asos ont été mentionnées par environ 4 300 influenceurs de plus, que les marques de mode contemporaine ou de luxe.

Contemporary brands target their audience thanks to mid-influencers

In France, mid-range fast fashion brands are doing well, compared to the United States.They succeed in leaving the game by identifying and targeting the influencer category which brings them the most added value.The contents, mentioning these brands, having the most echo, are mainly posted by influencers with an average audience (mid-influencer).

A brand like The Kooples has a large number of fans that are part of this type of influencers.For example, Jess (105,000 subscribers, average engagement rate of 6 %) mentioned The Kooples in its publications, seven times a month for a year.It is therefore she who, of all the influencers who mentioned the brand in 2019, obtained the scoring the highest for these contents.The example of this influencer perfectly illustrates how much the performance of a brand can greatly benefit from an influencer on duration, rather than a punctual collaboration.

"Interest around responsible fashion has increased considerably in recent years and is currently at its highest level, with influencers and the public.There is, however, a gap between the intention and action of consumers. En Europe, les marques de prêt-à-porter prospèrent, ASOS, H&M et Zara occupent les premières places en terme de nombre d’influenceurs les mentionnant», a déclaré Pierre-Loic Assayag, PDG et co-fondateur de Traackr.

"According to our benchmark, lives, it is these brands that are most successful on social networks, attracting influencers of different sizes.Contemporary fashion brands, on the other hand, impress medium -sized influencer profiles that remain faithful and assure success.»»

Additional information from the report:

Source: Traackr press release - 03/11/2020

Press contact: TYTO PR

Methodology / Glossary

Traackr is a technological platform that allows an approach focused on influencer marketing data.This report is therefore based on in -depth information about influencers, campaigns and programs adopted by brands.In this report, the Brand Vitality Score (VI) is mentioned, an exclusive measure of Traackr which makes it possible to transparently analyze the impact of the content of the influencers.The Vit thus reveals the performance of a content mentioning a brand, taking into account the visibility, the impact and the confidence in this brand. 1 point VIT équivaut approximativement à 1 000 « clics»».Vit = (visibility + impact) × confidence