Lola Ambrogi and Mentawaï Shop

Lola Ambrogi and Mentawaï Shop

Lola Ambrogi and Mentawaï Shop

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A graduate in press relations and communication, she finally embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship after completing a one-year trip, during which she put down her luggage in Bali. "I already had the idea of ​​creating a swimwear brand from recycled materials, but I was stuck in my routine and I hadn't really made any progress on my project," says Lola Ambrogi.

It was during this stopover that she met the owners of a Balinese workshop that uses recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles to make lycra and nylon clothing. "An association takes care of collecting this waste in the ocean, then transforms it into small balls and plastics, which, once heated, stretch and transform into lycra and nylon", explains the young entrepreneur.

“Getting started was difficult because I didn't know where to start. Fortunately, those around me support me,” says Lola Ambrogi, who created her brand a year ago. She designs the models for her first collection herself thanks to a crowdfunding campaign with a pre-order system and she is now helped by Clara Curtat, a model designer based in Porge.

If we can think that creating her own business in 2020 is not easy, the Sauvagnonnaise has nevertheless lived this period quite well, even if the end of the year has been a little more complicated for her. The bet was risky, but she succeeded brilliantly. “During the first confinement, my brand was still at the beginning. I therefore took the opportunity to work on its identity and to refine the communication around Mentawaï Shop before presenting my collection on May 11, at the end of confinement, ”says Lola Ambrogi.

Swimwear and ethical clothing...

Mentawaï Shop is not only swimwear, but also skirts, tops, jackets and accessories. Offering clothes was a goal since the creation of the brand. “I am currently thinking of a solution so that my clothes are made of organic cotton or use recycled fabrics, to be in line with my values”.

The young entrepreneur was elected "Béarnaise of the year" 2020 in the "Commitment & sustainable development" category. “I was called to tell me that I had been selected among many other candidates. I was very surprised when I learned that I had won the public vote. This adventure allowed me to have more visibility and new contacts”.

For the moment, the young woman does not want to create a physical store, preferring the flexibility of digital. While reflecting on her summer 2021 collection, she is also studying actions related to the environment, such as organizing beach clean-ups, or participating in the 1% for the planet initiative.

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